Her Cousin Asked To Bring EXTRA Guests To Her WEDDING So She Uninvited Her From The Whole Thing


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A Reddit user shared her story of having to uninvite her cousin from her wedding after she tried to coerce her to let her invite an extra guest.

Unwanted Guests

The original poster (OP) explained that she is getting married this spring to her fiance. When they first started talking about marriage, they agreed that they wanted an intimate wedding since they are both introverted.

They wanted to do a small wedding abroad, but because of the pandemic and her mother-in-law’s health, they instead found a small venue and are paying for everything themselves.

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Last November, OP sent out their save the dates. OP’s cousin, who is a bridesmaid, called OP, letting her know that she had received the invitation and that she had let everyone know about the wedding.

OP said she corrected her and told her that she had just sent the save the date, and OP figured that she was just excited.

She asked how many people she could bring to the wedding, and OP told her that because of costs and the venue size, she would only be able to bring her father, sister, and her boyfriend.

OP said her cousin started freaking out, saying that she had invited many people and now she would have to tell them they couldn’t come.

OP told her that she had never asked to invite people to her wedding, and she didn’t want people she didn’t know to be there.

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Inappropriate Behavior

After they hung up the phone, OP’s cousin called back and gave her an ultimatum: OP had to allow her to bring her boyfriend’s mother, who OP has never met before, or she would not be in the wedding.

OP told her sternly, “I’m sorry you feel that way, but that cannot be done. I’m sorry to hear that you don’t want to be in the wedding anymore, but I can’t budge on this.” Then she hung up the phone.

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She didn’t speak to her cousin for months, then saw her at a family gathering. Her cousin made a point not to engage with her at the event.

OP texted her after the gathering, telling her that she was sorry to miss her earlier, but she wanted her to know that the invitations would be sent the following week.

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She again asked about her boyfriend’s mother. OP reiterated that it wouldn’t be possible for her to bring her. She said that depending on how many people RSVP’d, she would see about the mother, but she wouldn’t make any promises.

She replied and said that she and her family talked and ultimately decided not to go to the wedding because OP “insulted” her family by not allowing her boyfriend’s mom to come.

OP’s sister and mom both think OP should send the invite to them, but her fiance doesn’t.

Should OP still invite her cousin? Was it fair of her cousin to demand that her boyfriend’s mother be invited? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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