She REFUSES To Change Her Wedding Date After Her Sister-in-Law Asked Her To Change It



A Reddit user shared her story of refusing to change her wedding date even though her sister-in-law asked her to.

Wedding Bells

The original poster (OP) explained that she and her fiance are in the middle of wedding planning. They decided they wanted a wedding in October because they had dreamed about it for a while.

They found a venue and were looking at potential dates. The venue was only available three out of the four weeks of the month. OP and her fiance couldn’t decide between two dates, so they asked the venue coordinator what he recommended.

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He said that the peak time for the flowers (the venue was a garden) was the third week in October. OP and her husband selected that one. They let their family know in their group chat that they had set a date and put a payment down on the venue.

OP’s sister-in-law commented that their wedding day was also her birthday, and OP didn’t think much of it other than, “oh, that’s funny!”

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Family Feud

The following day, OP’s mother said she got a call from OP’s brother saying that his wife (OP’s sister-in-law) was upset that OP and her fiance were going ahead with having their wedding on her birthday.

She said that it made her more upset that OP and her fiance would have their anniversary on the same day as her birthday every year. She added, “In our family, birthdays are a big deal.”

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OP said that what made her really mad was that her sister-in-law claimed, “you’re choosing between a human and some leaves.”

At this point, she made it clear that she is expecting OP and her fiance to change the date to one of the other available weekends. OP said that in any other circumstance, she would, but that this is a pattern for her sister-in-law.

OP said that anytime there is something to celebrate, she conveniently falls ill or something else happens that diverts the attention to her. When OP found out she was pregnant, her sister-in-law stopped talking to her for a year because she struggled with infertility.

OP said she was the one expected to “mend the bridge.” OP said that she doesn’t want to continue enabling this behavior by accommodating what she believes to be unreasonable expectations.

OP said she doesn’t want her entire wedding to be about accommodating her sister-in-law. OP said that her brother has codependency issues and will never push back against her, so she runs the relationship.

Should OP change the date of her wedding to accommodate her sister-in-law? Does her sister-in-law have a right to ask her to? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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