Her Snoopy Mother-In-Law Is Calling Her a Liar After She Planted a FAKE Positive Pregnancy Test in the Garbage



A woman posted in the “Am I the ***hole” forum on Reddit, wanting to get opinions on whether she is a manipulator and liar after setting up her mother-in-law, who keeps prying into her bedroom.

Enter Snoopy Mother-in-Law

So, this woman had been living with her hubby alone until her mother-in-law joined them. When the MIL arrived, the OP(original poster) noticed interferences in her bedroom. She would find furniture rearranged, items moved, and her personal belongings touched.

The OP immediately suspected her MIL because she knew her husband did not do that. So she told her husband, but he dismissed it, saying his mother could never do that. Of course.

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The OP considered installing a camera in the room but decided it was not an option.

She had to think of a way to catch her MIL in action.

Your Snooping Days Are Numbered, MIL

The OP bought and planted one of those fake positive pregnancy tests in the bedroom trash can. And it worked like it was supposed to!

While at work the next day, the OP received many congratulatory messages from her in-laws.

Her husband even went to her workplace to confront her, wanting to know why she kept this news from him.

The OP asked her husband how she had found out about the “pregnancy,” and he told him how his mother had found a positive test in the trash can.

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She went ahead and asked her hubby if his response just confirmed how snoopy his mother was. The OP says he had a short realization moment but later insisted that they should stick to the bigger issue: pregnancy. Of course, he would brush it off and take his mother’s side!


Was It Right for Her to Plant a Fake Test?

Her husband was not convinced that the test was fake and had the OP take a real test in front of him.

When it came negative, he was so pissed off and demanded to know why the OP would lie about such things, yet she knew how much his mother wanted grandkids.

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It is ridiculous how much he overlooked his mother’s snoopy behavior and, worse, taking the initiative to announce a pregnancy that is not hers.

The husband’s family has called OP a liar and manipulator for this setup.


The Masses Weigh In

One Redditor thinks the MIL was wrong, but the OP still went overboard. They said, “NTA, but ordering a lock for the door and kicking MIL out seems easier. If you WERE preg, how dare she announce it. So many red flags; one of you needs to go, and it shouldn’t have to be you.”

Another comment that earned many Upvotes said, “NTA. You told no lies. Even if you were pregnant, she had the right to announce it to the world. Sounds like one of you girls should move out. I wonder which one your husband would prefer.”

The MIL must move out if the husband wants to keep his marriage. Her obsession with wanting grandchildren and prying at people’s things is wanting. It is even more wanting how messy his family is, but he still picked to be on their side.

It is also funny how the husband is not interested at all in solving the real issue at hand, as this comment noted: “NTA, but it sounds like you have a husband problem as well since he was focused more on you, “breaking his mom’s heart” instead of her 1) snooping in your marital bedroom, and 2) her blabbing her mouth to everyone instead of immediately going to you and your husband.

Of course, snooping is terrible and deeply disrespectful, but it’s made even worse by how she went behind your back to spread the news without ANY confirmation or follow-up. And if she’s like this about a PREGNANCY—I imagine she has 0 respect for anyone’s privacy or boundaries. Yikes. I would not want to raise a family around someone like that.”


Is the OP the ***hole? Could she have found a more “conservative” way to stop the snooping? Did she go overboard with all this?

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