Bridezilla Alert: How a Bride’s Demand to Cover Psoriasis Sparked Wedding Drama



A Reddit user shared her story of leaving her friend’s wedding after her friend asked her to cover up her psoriasis.

Chronic Condition

The original poster (OP) explained that she has psoriasis. She has a cream that she uses to manage the itchiness, but it covers her entire body, including some spots on her face.

OP said she has always been embarrassed because she can’t cover her condition with makeup, and she said makeup looks bad on her anyway because of how textured and thick the psoriasis is. OP’s doctor also told her not to use makeup in the affected areas, as it can make the itching and dryness worse.

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OP’s friend’s wedding was on Saturday. OP said she bought a dress that would cover her body pretty well and wouldn’t draw any attention to her skin condition.

OP said that the entire week leading up to the wedding, she tested different concealers on any remaining spots that were exposed, which only made her itchier, so she ended up scratching her skin raw.

OP’s boyfriend, who attended the wedding with her, told her that she shouldn’t worry about it and that it would be better if she stopped trying to cover it up.

OP said she reluctantly agreed, and they attended the wedding ceremony. She said the wedding went great, but that as they were leaving to go to cocktail hour, the bride pulled her aside and asked her if she was going home to cover her psoriasis.

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OP explained that she couldn’t because of the previous week of testing makeup products and the result being scratching her skin raw.

The bride told OP that she didn’t care, and that it was her wedding and she didn’t want her guests asking questions or becoming “queasy” during dinner. OP’s boyfriend stepped in and said that if that was the case they would be leaving and would not attend the remainder of the wedding.

The bride was angry and has been ranting to their mutual friends about it ever since.

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The Masses Weigh In

Reddit was quick to take OP’s side in this situation.

One user said, “NTA. That would be the day our friendship ended and her blocked on everything, don’t want her to be “queasy” from having to see the psoriasis. Also any friends that agree with her, are no longer mutual friends either.”

Another chimed in, “NTA it’s not like you deliberately dyed your hair fluorescent pink, it’s a disease and there isn’t a lot you can do about it. Did she ask if the people on wheel chairs would be covering their chairs since she didn’t want anyone asking question about it? Brides are going too far these days!”

Another added in some humor, “NTA – I have eczema which can be pretty severe at times. If someone told me to cover it up because it made them queasy I’d said thank god you said that, your face is making me queasy so can you cover that up since we’re being honest? And that would be the end of our friendship. Your BF sounds like a keeper. Keep doing you OP, you rock.”

Was the bride justified in asking OP to cover up her condition? Was OP justified in leaving the wedding? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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