Woman Applauded for Getting Herself a Whole Table to Herself When No One Saved Her a Seat at the Dinner Table



A Redditor posted on the popular “Am I the ***hole” Subreddit, wanting to get opinions on whether she was the ***hole for getting a whole table for herself after her mother-in-law and husband failed to save a chair for her at her MIL’s recovery dinner.

“You Are Always Busy Anyway…”

The original poster (OP) has been with her husband, Bob, for three years. Bob’s mother had made it a habit to exclude OP from their family functions, and her excuse was always, “you work too much.”

The OP makes it clear that she sometimes makes time for such events, but she is excluded, nevertheless.

So, this time, the MIL organized a celebratory dinner after she completed her recovery. The OP wanted to be included but stated that she would arrive late. Now, as a family member, her husband or the MIL should have saved a seat for her.

They didn’t.

When the OP arrived at the restaurant, the table was full. All Bob and his mother did was stare at the OP as she stood there.

And then, her MIL told her she could either have Bob stand up so she could take his seat, or she could go home.

Time To Stand Up for Herself

She was so upset with MIL’s comment, and since nobody was trying to make space for her on the table, she decided to get an entire table for herself.

Seated alone at her table, Bob and his mother stared at her shockingly. She says that she got weird looks from the other guests too.

She then went ahead, had her dinner and dessert, and returned home. As she walked out, she caught the pissed-off looks from Bob and his mother.

Was She on the Right for Taking Her Own Table?

Bob arrived at their house an hour later and started yelling at the OP for embarrassing his mother in front of the guests. OP asked Bob what she was supposed to do after it was clear she was not going to find somewhere to sit at the table.

Of course, Bob was not going to take the blame for not saving a seat for his wife, yet he knew she would be coming to the dinner. All he could think of was how the other guests had arrived before and taken all the available seats. Yes, the OP had made it clear she would arrive late.

Bob insists that the OP should just have left. He says her getting her table ruined his and his mum’s dinner. Days later, he is still worked up at what happened at the restaurant.

Would it have been better if the OP just went home? Was she on the right for getting her table?

Redditors’ Take on This

One of the top commenters on this post said, “NTA. They excluded you and didn’t help you get accommodated. This isn’t some stranger; this is your husband. Who had you eat dinner alone and then blamed you for what he did.”

Another one that gained lots of upvotes said, “NTA. Is this disrespect level really what you want for the next 20 years?”

Indeed, Bob could have done better to accommodate his wife. Even after, all he thought of was how embarrassed OP made them, not how much they made her feel left out.

Another one said, “So many options! I have been unable to squeeze someone into a table in this situation. That’s some next-level disrespect.”

They could have squeezed her in or even split the table into two. As many Redditors acknowledge, they just wanted to leave the OP out.

Is she the ***hole for getting her own table?

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