Hairdressing Gone Wrong: When a 12-Year-Old’s Cousin’s Trust Led to Hair Ruin


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A Reddit user shared a story about how his 12-year-old sister allowed her cousin to ruin her own hair because she did not call her out on her lie.

“Natural Hair?” of Course It Is!

The OP is a young man with a 12-year-old sister he describes as mischievous and malicious. The sister asked the OP to buy her L’oreal Colorista semi-permanent bright red dye as a Xmas gift.

The OP obliged, and the sister was happy to use the dye on her and her cousins. One of her cousins (Anna), who is described as an entitled serial liar, and manipulator by OP’s little sister, also wanted to dye her hair.

The little sister records every conversation they have with Anna because she cannot trust her. She says Anna had bullied and taken advantage of her in the past.

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When Anna asked to dye her hair, OP’s little sister obliged. However, before doing so, she asked Anna if her hair was bleached or dyed before because if it was, adding the red dye would result in a bright crazy look. Anna replied that her hair was natural.

The OP’s sister and her other cousins knew that Anna had lied but decided to apply the dye to her hair as she wished. After washing it out, Anna’s hair looked like a bright red, clowny, and patchy mashup. Anna was surprised and admitted to having lied. Her mother was not amused.

Although the dye is semi-permanent, it would take a long time to come off, even after washing over a dozen times with shampoo. When the OP asked his sister why she did that, she said she wanted Anna to pay for her lies.

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The OP was sharing this story on behalf of his sister and wanted Reddit users to judge whether what she did to her cousin was right or wrong.

The Masses Weigh In

Most Reddit users shared their own stories about how they dyed their hair while young and how it was hard to get it off. Some thought Anna deserved the treatment she received because she had lied about something so obvious and trivial.

One person said, “Yeah, even temporary hair dye sometimes isn’t on bleached hair. Cousin got what she deserved, though. Her mom might have had to spend quite a lot on color correction, but your parents didn’t have to help defray the cost since you have the recording of her saying, “this is my natural hair color.”

Another suggested that Anna’s mother should have let Anna get more dye as she asked for it so that she could learn her lesson, “I’m surprised your aunt stopped your cousin when she demanded more dye from your sister…Yeah, her mom wanted to let her face the consequences of her actions, too, I think.”

“It sounds like she had a natural consequence to a choice she made, and that’s essentially the best thing that could happen here. And, at least by your telling, she handled it better than many kids (even without her additional “stuff”) would,” said another user.


The dye was definitely not washing out in 10 washes; another user said, “It’s not gonna wash out in 10-15 washes. And RED? Definitely not lol, that’s probably not coming out completely unless it gets bleached again. This is truly some wonderful malicious compliance.”

Others thought that the gift was an odd one to give to a kid. One said, “I feel like it’s kinda odd to bring hair dye as a party plan and let kids dye their hair without their parents permission. Some colors won’t wash out completely without professional treatment.”

Others complimented the OP’s sister for standing out for herself. “She sounds smart and quick witted, and not afraid to stand up for herself, and knows when to hand over the shovel to let others dig themselves into a hole,” said one and another added, “Good for your sister for just letting your cousin face the natural consequences of her choices rather than making a whole thing out of it. Most people would have felt the need to fight and argue over. Your sister showed a lot of maturity imo in just giving your cousin the information she needed and letting her make an informed decision rather than trying to control her.”

Do you think OP’s sister justified doing what she did, knowing that Anna was lying? Do you think this is malicious compliance?



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