He Refused To Help His Girlfriend When She Hurt Her Ankle, She’s Clumsy and Could Just Watch Where She’s Going”

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A Reddit user shares his story of his “overdramatic” girlfriend hurting herself and him refusing to help her and telling her she was fine.

Overreacting or Genuine?

The original poster (OP) explains that he believes that his girlfriend overreacts to pain. OP says that she stubs her toe a lot and doesn’t ask for help when it happens. OP says it annoys him because “she’s clumsy and could just watch where she’s going.”

OP goes on to explain that he has a makeshift step outside that is just a piece of firewood that is acting as a placeholder until he can get something better.

His girlfriend tripped over it and sprained her ankle one evening. She fell onto the ground, said it hurt a lot and looked close to tears. OP told her that she would be fine. She then began to drag herself back inside. OP did not help because he felt like she was overexaggerating the pain.

The Next Day

The following day, OP took a closer look at her ankle and admitted that it was pretty bad. He said that she couldn’t put any pressure on it.

She said that she felt he was unnecessarily mean by not believing her and not helping her when she was clearly in pain. She went to her parent’s house and has not been back. She says she needs time to think.

OP said her parents are mad at him, and their mutual friends think he is a jerk. OP doesn’t see why he is in the wrong, and his sister recommended he make a Reddit post to ask the masses.

OP added that he could be a jerk for not helping her when she fell but that she overreacts to pain in general, so at the moment, he didn’t think she needed his help.

The Masses React

Reddit overwhelmingly backed the girlfriend and called out OP for his behavior.

One person wrote, “YTA. The good news though is that she realized what you’re all about and left.”

Another added, “I just hope she also sues him and his homeowners insurance for the dangerous “repair” job he did that caused her injury. GF should head to the ER immediately and get treatment and pain pills and PT and whatever else she may need and then pop that bill in the mail to OP.”

Another person responded, “Honestly, as I get older I have really come to learn that there are a whole lot of men out there who really just don’t like women. They want {relations} from women. They want companionship from women. They want all the labour benefits women bring to a relationship, but they don’t actually like them. This dude is a prime example. She needs to toughen up?! Why? Because she has the exact same body as you and therefore must always react to every situation in the same way you would?!”

Was OP right not to be worried about his girlfriend? Should he have helped her when she fell down? How would you have reacted in this situation?


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