Internet Applauds Man Who Used a Funny Method To Turn Down His Brother’s Pleas of Bringing a Baby to His Child-Free Wedding



The original poster (OP) had made it clear to his wedding guests that his wedding would be child-free. However, his brother, who has a “miracle baby,” thinks his kid is excluded from this.

This pushed OP to use a humorous way to show how adamant he was about his wedding being child-free.

Come On, This Is a Miracle Baby…

OP and his fiancee decided their wedding would be child-free to have everything organized and contained.

However, OP’s brother, whom he calls Chris in the post, and his wife thought their three-year-old baby would be exempted from this rule. They wanted their kid to be included because he was a “miracle” or “rainbow” baby.

Chris and his wife had been trying to get a baby for years. After years of failed pregnancies, they finally gave birth to the “miracle baby.” For this reason, Chris and his wife say that the baby’s attendance would be a “blessing” to the newlyweds.

They had been trying to convince OP to let the baby attend the wedding, but OP was adamant about it. Chris’ wife even kept sending OP’s fiancee pictures of the baby when he was younger and all to try and convince them, but OP had made up his mind and told them to stop.

They only wanted to be exempted because the baby is a rainbow baby and would bless OP and his fiancee.

Rules Are Rules

Closer to the wedding date, Chris and his wife visited OP and his fiancee. They thought they could use this visit to convince OP to exempt them from the rule, but they were in for a rude shock. OP knew that they would push things, and he was prepared.  He had made flashcards that read, “The Wedding is Childfree, Period.”

When they brought it up, OP knew it was time to retrieve the flashcards. He took the cards and slowly showed them one by one.

They were infuriated. Before OP knew it, Chris’ wife had already grabbed her stuff and left the house.

Chris insists that OP is an ***hole and that he disrespected them and rainbow child, who is also the only nephew OP has. Now everyone is livid, including OP’s parents, who want him to fix the “mess” he had created.

Should OP apologize? Should he bend his rules to accommodate Chris’s son at the wedding?


Redditors Weigh In

One commenter said, “Well, I suppose you could have used hand puppets instead, but flashcards seem to have conveyed the message. It makes me insane how some parents think their little bundle of joy should be allowed anywhere, anytime, and that no rule  ever applies to them. They would run this horse right up to the altar. NTA (not the ***hole).”

Another comment said, “NTA, that is {really} hilarious. They kept pushing the boundary, and you held it firm in probably the funniest way possible.”

Another jumped on the thread, saying, “Should have told them that all babies are miracles, but that you were having a miracle-free wedding.”

Another said, “NTA. They asked for an exception, were given an answer they disliked, and then refused to accept that until you took drastic measures. Maybe if they accepted no, they wouldn’t have been humiliated.”

And lastly, “I say NTA. They did not respect your choice. I would honestly hire security because I bet money they will try to come with the baby and be like he can’t do anything because we are here with the baby. I say hire security and ensure they know anyone bringing a child will NOT be admitted. And you will have security there to be sure this rule is followed. Plus, what you did sounds hilarious! I’d be laughing my **s off if I were part of this.”

Chris may decide to bring his baby to the wedding because he clearly likes pushing set boundaries. Or, he may decide not to attend the wedding altogether because he couldn’t get what he wanted.

How should OP handle this? Should he bend his rules and let his nephew attend the wedding?


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Originally posted 2023-04-02 12:32:36.