Her Husband Let His Brother’s Family Move In, and They Won’t Stop Wreaking Havoc in the House, so She Asked Her Mother To Intervene



The original poster (OP) and her husband had just moved to their new house. She was also 4 months pregnant, and things were not going well. She had terrible morning sickness to the point that she passed out and hit her head. This had her admitted to the hospital for a week.

When she got discharged from the hospital, she arrived home to find his husband had allowed his brother, his brother’s wife, and kids to move into 2 of their three bedrooms. They had been evicted from their house for a reason OP does not know.

Clear This Mess Up, Please

The condition of the house was terrible. There was trash, dirty clothes, and used diapers all over the house. OP says she was frustrated she could not hold back her tears. She brought it up to her husband, who dismissed it, saying it was not that bad.

She let it slide but told her husband he should clean the house before she woke up. She slept for 4 hours, and when she woke up to get water, she could not find a clean glass to use; they were scattered all through the house. They had not touched anything for 4 hours. She, therefore, decided to passive-aggressively pick up things and clean them up.

But that was not the end of the havoc. As she tried to work the following day, her brother-in-law’s kid would not stop crying and banging on walls. All this time, their mother was in another room, ignoring the crying kids.

They Are Family

When OP’s husband came back, he was upset that OP was not being hospitable to his brother’s wife. He was also annoyed that OP did not help with the kids when the mother of the kids was tired. He further complained that nothing was done in the house when he was at work. Remember, this is the house he had failed to clean when OP asked him to.

They had a nasty fight about this. OP asked his husband to ask the “guests” to leave. Her husband said they were his family, and he could not kick them out. Frustrated, she called her mum and asked if she could stay over. She ensured to narrate everything to her mother while her husband was hearing.

OP’s mum came in with OP’s brother and found the conditions pathetic. They told OP’s brother that because his family could stay in, so could they. OP’s family started cleaning the house.

Shortly after, OP’s mother-in-law texted her, calling her an ***hole for not helping her son clean and not welcoming her other son.

Was OP wrong for involving the parents?

Redditors Weigh In

One commenter said, “Your mom is the mom of the year. So are your brothers. Lovely problem-solving. Sad how your husband won’t take care of your needs when you are sick, pregnant and working. Rest is a need. Clean dishes to eat are a need.”

Another said, “NTA. You two need counseling immediately, or your marriage will end before your child is born. Your husband’s actions are 100% inappropriate, and he needs to wake up immediately and start putting you first.”

And lastly, “NTA, you’re supposed to be his wife and not his slave. What kind of husband expects his sick, pregnant wife to clean up after him, not to mention his brother’s family that he has moved into her home without asking?.”

Updates From the Original Poster

Many Redditors had been asking for an update, so OP gave it to them. OP’s BIL had lied to his mother about what happened. When she arrived, she found the house still in bad shape and was upset with his sons.

The two mothers joined hands, helped iron things out, and even set up a meal plan for OP.

OP asked her husband for space, so he moved into a hotel. He has been remorseful and apologized many times. However, they have scheduled individual and marriage counseling to help them move forward.


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