Is It Cruel To Call Your New Baby an “Old-Fashioned Name”?



A woman has taken to Mumsnet to share her story of sharing possible baby name choices with friends and them being branded as ‘cruel’ as a result.

Name Choices

The original poster (OP) shared her story of being called cruel by her friends for choosing traditional boy and girl names that would uncertainly see the child being ridiculed as a result.

Sharing the names with her family members, she was met with an altogether different response, and they said they loved them.

The OP and her husband, who have stayed Team Yellow and will find out the gender at birth, have opted for Arthur if she has a boy and Edith for a girl.

Their friends have said the names are ‘old-fashioned,’ yet Arthur was in the top 10 boys’ names in the UK in 2021 and has been for a while now, and Edith found itself a little less popular but still in the top 100 girls’ names in the same year.

Mumsnet Reactions

Many Mumsnet users were horrified at the lack of tact shown by the OP’s so-called friends, with many sharing that they know of young children called the same names and who suit the vintage choices.

Some questioned how strong these friendships are and if they felt comfortable calling their name choices evil. Sunriseinwonderland suggested that she could comprehend that attitude if the kids’ names had been chosen as Adolf and Eva (presumably together) but that Arthur and Edith do not deserve the shade thrown on them.

One person reminded the OP that old-fashioned names have been making a comeback for quite some time now and that the names she and her husband have chosen are not unusual. Furthermore, the Mumsnet user believes that these names will not stand out for the wrong reasons.

Along with other users, LemonAlice, believes that these friends are far from it and are being horrible for no reason. The Mumsnet user adds that if the couple has chosen names and is happy with them, that is all that matters.

Sharing names prior to a baby’s birth can often lead to disagreements and upsets, which are completely unnecessary. However, while StrychnineInTheSandwiches agrees that the OP’s friends were ‘undiplomatic’ in their responses to find out the possible names, it would be too drastic to ditch them for this, as some other users had suggested.

Halfsiesonapotnoodle has gone against the grain with their response, stating that both names are ‘awful’ and ‘really frumpy,’ yet insisting that name choices are for the OP and her husband to make; no one else’s opinions should matter.

What do you think of the OP’s name choices? Was it ok for her friends to brand them as cruel? Are they even really her friends? 


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