He Wore a Wedding Dress to a Wedding- Was He Wrong?



He had been friends with her for a few years when she announced her engagement. She invited him to a small costume party to celebrate her engagement, and he eagerly accepted. As an avid cosplayer, he had plenty of costume choices and decided to go as the Corpse Bride.

Felt Good Until the Surprise Came

When he arrived at her house, he was having a great time, and people were complimenting his costume. But then her fiancé appeared in a black tuxedo and announced that this was actually their wedding. It was a complete surprise to him, and he immediately felt self-conscious about his costume choice.

Feeling embarrassed, he approached the groom and asked if he should quickly change his outfit. The groom reassured him it was fine since he didn’t know it was a wedding. He trusted the groom and followed everyone outside for the ceremony.

Turned Out To Be a Mistake

After the wedding, he tried to celebrate with his friend, but she kept making excuses not to talk to him. He assumed she was just tired from the big day, but when he got home, he received angry texts from her accusing him of ruining her wedding.

Confused and hurt, he asked what he had done wrong. She berated him for wearing a wedding dress to a wedding and claimed it was common knowledge not to do so. He reminded her that he had no idea it was a wedding and that he had asked the groom if he should change, and he was told it was fine.

But the bride was having none of it, and he soon found out that she and her husband had blocked him on social media. He felt terrible and wished he could make things right, but it seemed like it was too late. Despite feeling like the victim in this situation, he couldn’t help but feel guilty for unwittingly causing so much drama on his friend’s big day.

Bride Got It Wrong

One user feels, with all honesty, that if their male friend came in drag as the Corpse Bride to their costume party that turned out to be a wedding, they would be overjoyed. Some other person opines that the “spouse” has no spine. Attempting to lie about a decision he made in good faith without realizing it would distress his now-wife is just sad. The bride, for her part, might have done more to remedy the predicament.

The user claims that she wrecked her day by herself by venting her frustrations inward. As she is OP’s buddy, she is aware that he’s a cosplayer, and she should have thought that this would be the perfect time to offer her friend a fake main theme that would fit in and be fun for him.

If she had seen him in that outfit before the ceremony and decided she didn’t like it, she could have easily pulled him aside and urged him to rethink it, with a heads up that “there will be a bit of a surprise down the line,” as the user put it.

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