Man Furious That His Wife Refuses To Cut Off Her Father After He Was “Weird” and “Awkward” Around Her Stepson



A Reddit user shared his story of telling his wife she was less of a person and making her cry.

Getting Serious

The original poster (OP) explained that his six-year-old son started living with him while his ex went to school. OP said that he met his current wife through work, and he also met her father, who works at the same company, just in a higher role than both of them.

OP’s wife knew he had a son, but OP said she couldn’t meet him until they were a serious couple because it wouldn’t be fair to him.

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When OP’s wife finally met his son, they got along great. OP invited her and her father over for dinner. Her father also met his son for the first time. OP said her father was “weird” and “awkward” around his son and made comments about his appearance.

OP said he confronted him after dinner, and he made some “pathetic” excuses. After that, OP said he did not want him to contact him outside of work, and he asked his wife for space.

A couple of weeks later, his wife told him that she had cut her father off because of his beliefs. OP said their relationship strengthened as a result.

When they got engaged, she said she didn’t want her father at the wedding, and they both transferred to other companies. OP said that her father was gone from their lives as far as he knew.

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Expecting Mother

OP said that his wife is currently pregnant and due in a month. She has begun maternity leave and has been looking for a new job to start after her maternity leave is over.

OP said that a few days ago, she sat him down and told him that her father had gotten her an interview for a job at the company they all used to work at together.

She also told OP that she had been talking to her father for a couple of months and wanted to know how OP would feel about him having a relationship with their future child.

OP said he told her the truth. He felt like she had betrayed him and his son, who she said she thought of as her son as well. OP told her that her even asking that of him makes her less of a person in his eyes.

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He said she started crying and asked him what kind of insensitive jerk would call the woman pregnant with his child less of a person. OP told her that was how he felt, and although the language was harsh, he felt it was justified.

Was OP justified in what he said? Was his wife’s request reasonable? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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