Company Values Work Over Play, Rejects Perfect Candidate for Having Hobbies



A Reddit user shared a brief story about how their boss refused to hire a new employee because they liked to game outside of work.

Gaming? We Do Not Do That Here!

According to the OP, the boss wanted a well-rounded person who does not want to play games after they go home from work. They think gaming is not a good hobby for a worker to have.

They think that the boss is being too judgmental because what someone does outside the workplace is their problem, as it is their free time.

The story went viral on Reddit, with many users sharing similar experiences and others contributing to the conversation by airing their opinions.

Many users sided with the OP, and many said that whatever one does outside of work should not be a reason to discriminate against them or refuse them jobs.

Interviews Are About Who Is the Biggest Liar

“This is why my answer is always playing music and camping, even though more of my free time is spent gaming. It’s outdated nonsense and I guarantee you this guy just watches TV with most of his free time, but it is what it is. I swear interviews are just about who is the biggest liar,” pointed out one of the users.

Things Could Get Worse…

One user noted that in the process of discriminating against someone because of a trivial reason that they play games, they could be laying the ground for a worse employee, “Imagine being rejected for gaming and they go ahead and hire a high functioning alcoholic instead.”

Businesses Should Hire People Who Contribute to Cultural Diversity

“Unfortunately, this person does not see value in hiring people who add different perspectives to the company culture. The business will suffer as a result. Also, if he’s this petty, do you think he’s not hiring minorities as well?” another user observed.

Finally, Someone Gets It…

Several people commented about how they found gamers resourceful employees. One said, “I swear multiplayer games have taught me more valuable lessons about how to be an effective team player and communication skills than any job. Along with problem-solving, deductive reasoning, and attention to detail.”

Another was speaking from experience when he said, “Honestly, when I was a hiring manager, I loved hiring gamers. Gamers have great logical problem-solving skills, are goal-oriented, and typically work as part of a team very well. These are all skills that come from playing video games. I’m a gamer myself, so I get it. If it came up in an interview, I would always ask what types of games they played. People that love puzzle, strategy, RPGs, or competitive team-based games almost always made great hires.”

“I don’t know that his stance is illegal, but it seems to me to be highly unethical. I have ADHD and I game, a lot, and my therapists tell me that gaming is a great resource for me to wind down with. I have been C&S for 16 years now, and I’ve had many a great night with my game,” retorted another person.

Bowling? Sorry, Only Golfers Here

One user gave their experience on how they lost an opportunity for having the ‘wrong’ kind of hobby, “I got rejected after an interview because I don’t play golf. Apparently, some of the supervisors play golf on the weekends. During the interview, I mentioned that I bowl tournaments on the weekends and have no desire to play golf.”

Discriminating Based on Hobbies Is Perfectly Legal

Someone pointed out that companies have a right to discriminate based on a hobby, “Discriminating based on hobbies is perfectly legal, its not like she can sue or you’re exposing your boss to liability by letting her know she got rejected over video games. But if you wanna be the resistance you could contact her and let her know it was over video games and in the future she should not bring that up in interviews, say she works out and goes to the dog park and hangs out with friends and generic {stuff} like that.”

Does your workplace discriminate new hires based on their hobbies? Do people at your workplace treat you any better or worse when you tell them about your hobby?



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Originally posted 2023-04-03 05:30:36.