“Am I Speaking With a Real Person?” and Other Things That Drive Call Center Employees Crazy



Hello, Am I speaking with a real person?

Have you ever found yourself asking this question on the phone? Did it sound weird or ridiculous to you?

With the new age of automated customer service, you never know if you are speaking to a real person or a bot… Hence the question…

Am I Speaking With a Real Person?

One customer service rep found this funny and irritating at the same time. They shared it with the Reddit Community, and the comments were hilarious.

Here’s one of the comments, “Uh…No, ma’am/sir. I am a fluffy, purple chipmunk. How may I assist you today?” and, “”Negative. I am a meat popsicle.” And, “Let me check whether or not I’m real. Please hold while I reboot.”

Another user came up with a phrase that irks him, “Also “I’m so glad I can actually understand every word you say!” Yes, I speak fluent Midwestern English, Mr. Redneck  How kind of you to notice and comment. Idk why that one always grinds my gears.”

Oh, I’m From the Philippines!

One user hilariously quipped, “what’s funny is when I have someone say “glad I got routed to someone in the U.S, I hate speaking to Indians… The other day I got someone from the Philippines.” sometimes when I’m not in the mood to hear that I answer in my perkiest tone “oh! I am from the Philippines!”

According to another user, there is a stereotype of people who behave like this, “LOL… I’m going to do that sometime. It’s always some guy with the thickest Alabama or West Virginia accent that’s so happy about getting an American on the phone  Like, sir I can barely understand YOU!”


“I had one guy cut off my intro and screamed, “What country are you in?” When I told him I’m in the US, he responds, “Are you sure about that?” Like dude, I’m from Michigan and now live in Pennsylvania. I have a pretty obvious Midwestern accent, you really had to ask if I’m American?” added another one.

You Got a Human on the Line Now, Not a Robot

Another person said they get mad when someone speaks to them like they are robots, “And then when I ask for their credit card they speak to me like I’m a robot talking. One well pronounced syllable at a time. Like sir. You wanted a human and now you got one, so talk to me like one pls.”

You Type Fast. You Must Be a Bot

One user wondered why people think only bots can type fast, “It’s even worse on the chat process. I have high typing speed so I’m able to type faster, freehand and without most of the scripts and sometimes I will have customers ask me if I am a bot.

It used to hurt me so much lol. Like, I’m trying to do something other than the scripts and type different type of sentences and even “build rapport” (which the QA reminds us 4 billion times a week) and you still call me a bot”

“I hated that when it would happen to me. When I was on live chat people would assume I was a bot and would constantly type “speak to an agent” despite my constant assurance that you were speaking to an agent and a human. This was after I typed and sent paragraphs to resolve their query and I’d end up having the same conversation about 6 times. And then they’d demand to speak to the CEO via live chat,” agreed another person.

Do you use this phrase often? Or if you are on the receiving end of the phrase…how does it make you feel?


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Originally posted 2023-04-02 12:31:03.