She Wants Her To Serve Them in a Restaurant She Does Not Work At, “Don’t You Take an Oath or Something?



The original poster (OP) is a student who works as a waitress on the side.

She posted on Reddit to narrate how another client in a restaurant she was to dine in asked her to get up and serve them, yet OP had made it clear that she was also a customer in the restaurant. 

Once a Waitress, Always a Waitress

OP had a date with a guy from her school, and it was her day off from waitressing. They were to meet at another restaurant in the town, not where she works. 

OP gets to the restaurant earlier, but her date is delayed because of traffic. 

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As OP looks at the menu, a woman walks to her and grabs the menu off her hands. She goes ahead and angrily asks OP, “Why are you just sitting here? We’ve been waiting for service for 45 minutes.” 

First, this woman and her family walked in shortly after OP did, and OP had been there for around 10 minutes. They even had already gotten drinks, meaning the restaurant’s service was decent. 

OP tries to remain composed, telling the woman she did not work there. 

“Don’t lie; you’re a waitress. You served me last week. Don’t you remember?” She says, and this was when OP started to vaguely remember her. This woman had been to the Mexican restaurant OP works in and caused a scene.

She complained that her meal had been served with hot sauce on the side. The meal was remade with hot spice inside, but she still complained that it was “too spicy.” 

Still trying to be polite, OP reminds the woman of the restaurant she works at. She insists she is not a waitress where they were. 

The woman hits her back with, “So, you are a waitress? Get a pen and paper and take down our orders. We’ve been waiting.” Now, she has begun raising her voice, pushing OP’s patience out of the window. 

OP, however, decides to give her a last chance and elaborates again, “I am a waitress, but not here. I’m just trying to enjoy my lunch like you are. I am not employed here in any capacity.”

“But you’re a trained waitress, and this place is running behind. Don’t you people take an oath of work or something?” She fires back, now with an even straighter and more severe face. 

Show Time

If you want to be a clown with me, I will show you how clownery is done. OP decides that this woman is crossing her boundary and won’t back down no matter how much she tries. 

OP got a pen and paper from her bag, went to their table, and took their orders. After writing down their order, she told them to keep sitting tight and wait for at least 45 minutes because they could see that the restaurant was pretty busy. 

She then left the restaurant and asked her date to meet her at another place. But this woman was still not done with OP. 

 The next day, she called the restaurant OP works in to report how “maliciously” OP had treated her. This shows how clearly she understood that OP did not work at the restaurant they were at the previous day. 

She described OP in great detail; her manager instantly knew who the woman was talking about. The manager, however, told the woman that she must have been mistaken because that was OP’s day off, and she wasn’t in. 

This woman kept pestering OP’s manager, saying that OP should represent the restaurant wherever she went. 

Redditors Say

One commenter, a waitress, humorously commented, “Waiting for the day my plane calls out that service is running behind and if there are any waitresses/waiters on board.”

Another added, “I hate the whole “you represent your company all the time” thing. It’s dumb; if you’re not paying me now, I don’t owe you {anything}.”

And finally, “You’re not a person to her. You’re just a thing that gets her what she wants. The thing isn’t allowed to have feelings or opinions. Just to do your {darn} job. I believe that people generally are good at heart to other people; the trouble is there are many people out there who view their fellow humans as objects and not as people.”


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