Woman Slammed for Complaining That a Celebrity Wouldn’t Take a Picture With Her



A Reddit user shared a story about how her daughter was upset after a celebrity refused to take a photo with her while they were vacationing.

One Minute’s Interaction Won’t Change Her Life

According to the OP, her daughter wanted just a minute of the celeb’s time and she was summarily denied access to the celebrity.

The OP and her daughter were enjoying their day in a place known to host many celebrities when her daughter spotted her favorite celebrity.

The daughter wanted to take a photo with the celeb but was denied access. The security personnel told her that the celebrity was having a private family occasion as it was her (the celebrity’s) daughter’s birthday.

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The OP’s daughter tried going past the security personnel twice in vain. This made her very distraught. The OP posted about how selfish the celebrity had been and wanted to hear people’s opinions on the celebrity’s behavior towards her daughter.

The OP believed that if the celebrity wanted, she would have taken a moment to take a picture with her daughter.

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The Masses Weigh In

The Reddit community quickly pointed out that what the OP and her daughter did border on harassment, and they sounded entitled.

One said, “The celeb wasn’t rude. Chances are they didn’t even know you were there. They were having a special shopping day with their child. Security rightly stopped you from interrupting them.”

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Celebrities Are Human, Too and They Deserve Privacy

Another user reminded the OP that celebs are human beings who also have a life to live saying, “The celebrity is entitled to her private life. I am sure her daughter is sick of having to share her mother with the world and would like to have one normal day with her. You should respect that.”

This sentiment was supported by another user saying, “…celebrities are allowed to go about their day with their family without having to interact with fans. Once you were told no the first time that should have been it.”

There Were Others Like You, Wanting a Piece of the Celebrity

One user argued that the OP should consider the fact that she was not the only one who wanted the celeb’s attention, “It’s not just you and your daughter, it’s fans stopping her all day long. It’s not just 1 minute, it’s hundreds of minutes and she just wants her daughter to have a birthday that’s all about her instead of being interrupted by entitled people.”

Famous People Are Not Public Property

“Just because someone is famous doesn’t mean you’re entitled to their time regardless of the length of time you intend to take up,” one user said.

Another reminded the OP that she was being entitled saying, “Your entitlement is clouding your judgment. The celebrity owes you nothing and she was with her daughter.”

“Famous people deserve boundaries and privacy also. She was having a day out with her daughter for her daughters birthday. Would you want to be harassed for pictures by random people if you were in her shoes? My guess is no,” quipped another user.

The Celebrity Deserved Quiet Family Time With Her Daughter

One person told the OP that they did not have any right to demand the celebrity’s attention saying, “Just because someone is a celebrity and you like them a lot doesn’t give you the right to any of their time or attention.”

This sentiment was supported by another user who said, “…You’re not entitled to time with anyone. Whether it’s a celebrity or not. Second. She was with her kid! Don’t bother them. Also don’t lambast them online. You don’t know what is going on their life. Maybe they only had an hour to spend together that day…”

Do you think the OP was right about the celebrity being rude for declining to take a photo with her daughter? Was there a better approach the OP could have taken to get the desired result without infringing on the celebrity’s privacy?


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